R E S I D E N T I A L       D E S I G N     &      C O N S T R U C T I O N



"As a designer Joe Tara was a delight with whom to work.

He was extremely thorough and painstaking in thinking through with us our

space requirements and developing them into a workable plan, which would integrate

harmoniously with the site. His approach to architecture was also one, which used our

desires as a starting point from which he developed a stylistically elegant project in

keeping with both our preferences and the demands of the site. Contrary to many architects

who tend to impose their stylistic preferences on their clients, Joe’s approach is precisely the

opposite. His talents also extend to interior design; he drew the working plans for all our

built-in cabinetry.

Joe was also our General Contractor. He assembled and personally supervised the crew

of top quality carpenters who built the structure and did all the interior finish work. He also negotiated and administered the many sub-contracts for heating, plumbing, electrical work, etc.

You will find Joe Tara a joy with whom to work. He is ever patient in his devotion to determining and developing client’s needs. Further, he is equally meticulous in monitoring

their evolution from concept to finished product."

William Wiseman

"JOZEF TARA HAS A REPUTATION FOR BUILDING BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED STRUCTURES. Maine’s villages and seacoast towns are graced with Joe’s exquisite homes and studios.

We were fortunate to have Joe work with us on our project as we had a unique situation that demanded creative solutions in multiple ways.  

As anyone knows who has undertaken the financial, emotional, even spiritual task of building one’s own home; it is a journey that is much more than a means to an end. Joe’s ability to bring people together in a spirit of collaboration and good will was a great asset

to the process. His talent, knowledge and guidance enabled us to build the exceptional house we did. The finished product is a distinctive, welcoming home of interesting spaces that flow and connect, open and close."

Robert & Roberta Zur

"Joe Tara has designed a house for me... it is filled with exquisite angles

that make the interior space eye catching, interesting and very livable. The house fits very naturally on the site and pulls the view into every room.

Joe is more than competent in both the design end as well as the construction end of building

a house. He has an eye for detail, a good sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with."

Elizabeth M. Moriarty


re-design and the second story over the east wing, because it blends into the existing

house so well, it doesn’t initially occur to the them it’s newly added. Joe Tara did a wonderful

job of meeting our request that the new mirror the old, with respect to style and finish.

The aspect for which I really feel fortunate, however, is how well you represented us during

the whole job and how comfortable you made us feel being 3000 miles away throughout the

six month, six figure project. You helped us manage and focus on the decisions we needed

to make and kept us well informed with calls, progress photos and a well organized invoicing

system. Our only site visit was made out of curiosity rather than necessity. These aspects of

a project are not as exciting as design issues, but can be of real concern to clients."

Ben & Anne Niles


usually inarticulate,  often ill-conceived and sometimes contradictory wishes that my wife and

I laid upon him. With patience, a deft hand and a gentle touch he moved the process along by drafting, redrafting, refining and re-refining design sketches which in the end seemed to incorporate almost all of our disparate ideas in a coherent whole that could only have been accomplished by a very skillful architect with sure instincts and the ability to make clients see and feel what will work.

I attribute the successful and efficient completion of the project to the meticulousness of Joe’s blueprints, his accessibility during the course of construction and his skill in coordinating the subs in a way which minimized their being at the site with too little or too much to do."

Roger Hooker