R E S I D E N T I A L       D E S I G N     &      C O N S T R U C T I O N



I have been in practice as a residential designer

since 1975, working primarily in mid-coastal Maine.

My company, Jozef Tara Design Inc., presents a

portfolio of work covering both design and

design/build projects, from intimate cottages to

guest house/carriage house/main house complexes.

My degree in Architecture and Industrial Design

from Rhode Island School of Design gave me the

strong foundation I have built my reputation on,

and one can identify my work by the attention to

architectural details, the interactions of shapes,

forms and roof lines. The industrial design segment

of my education focused on furniture design and

fabrication, which I pursued for several years,

deepening my sense of interior spaces, livable floor

plans, built-ins and the practical use of living space,

and leading to residential design being at the center

of my practice.

Joe Tara

My personal design style involves a close connection with my clients, working on a

one on-one basis from the initial site work through the completion of the house.

Through listening and observation I help my clients sort through their wishes and

needs, including studying their budget, resulting ultimately in the creation of a

design solution that they are excited about aesthetically, one that works with the

site and fits their daily living patterns, as well as meeting their budgetary constraints.

My portfolio shows breadth and variety, reflecting the range of aesthetic perspectives

amongst my clients. I have designed and built a contemporary glass house, intimate

seaside cottages and rambling shingle style family houses. I have converted an old

farmhouse into a contemporary living space, transforming all the outbuildings into

new uses. I have also designed numerous additions and renovations to existing

homes. I often overlay different architectural features to introduce an eclectic

personal feeling into my work. For example, I might incorporate Arts & Crafts

detailing into a house that is predominately Maine cottage or Shingle style.

My projects make use of the range of building materials available in Maine including

post and beam framing and recycled material if applicable. I am always concerned

with energy efficiency and am alert to products that work towards that end. My goal

is to actualize my client’s visions while at the same time maintaining high standards

of design and quality, leaving both parties pleased with the outcome. It is work I love

and gives me great satisfaction.